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The World Energy Trilemma Report 2017, prepared in partnership with global consultancy Oliver Wyman, along with the Global Risk Centre of its parent Marsh & McLennan Companies, tapped into the global insights of the traditional and emerging players in the electricity sector – including policymakers, regulators, traditional utilities, large consumers, prosumers, and technology providers – to capture a wide range of views on the evolution of the energy sector.


In this month’s feature, uncover an exclusive preview of the key findings of the World Energy Trilemma 2017 and its Energy Trilemma Index. How is decentralisation impacting the energy transition and distributed energy resources playing a key role to meet the ‘energy trilemma’ challenge? Improved efficiency, falling technology costs, better energy storage and a new active prosumer will radically change the way we deal with energy and challenge governments in managing market actors and resources!


This is the last edition before the great World Energy Week to be held next week in Lisbon, where the global network will reunite in a series of events, allowing for greater dialogue and engagement within the network and to share inspiring content and discussions with energy leaders! This is the last week to REGISTER and learn at our Members’ workshops, or to attend the Energy Trilemma Summit and the Portuguese Energy Conference which programmes will explore new emerging signals such as disruptive digitalisation, the impact of decarbonisation and the key roles of transport and innovation.


This September edition comes right before an important series of events that will put Mexico’s energy reform and the North American energy dialogue in the spotlight during the “Dialogues for the Future of Energy Mexico 2017” week (DEMEX). The World Energy Council, its network and partners are gathering approximately 100 Ministers, CEOs and energy experts from across the world to drive change and deepen understanding of the grand energy transition holding three major events: the World Energy Leaders’ Summit, the North American Regional Forum and the Empowering Energy workshop.
Ahead of his participation to these dialogues, Jaime Hernandez, CEO of the Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) who is also the new president of the World Energy Council’s Mexico chapter, speaks to World Energy Focus and outlines the impact and opportunities of this ambitious reform and what it means for its country and the region.


ll World Energy Inside è una pubblicazione mensile del World Energy Council (WEC) contenente interviste a rappresentanti del WEC e dei Comitati Nazionali, overview e aggiornamenti sulle attività recenti e future del WEC in tutto il mondo e, approfondimenti sulle ultime news in ambito energetico.


In the August edition, World Energy Focus explores energy in the cities of the future. With cities currently accounting for more than 70% of global energy-related GHG emissions and urban population forecasted to reach 66% of the global population by 2050, new low carbon model cities from around the world will play a crucial part in securing a sustainable energy future. Looking at another game changing area, our Innovation Feature is on Transport, diving into the new hype around electric vehicles (EVs). Recent announcements, from car manufacturers to governments, demonstrate that EVs are no more the expensive badge of an eco-warrior, but what will this mean for the energy sector.

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