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Energy transition in the Mediterranean Area

The first "WEC Med Energy Transition Checklist" presented during the official side event of the 26° World Energy Congress

Pubblicato il 24-04-2024

The side event and the Energy Transition Check-list

In this pivotal moment in time, there is more than ever a need to strengthen collaboration and benefit from the possibilities of the unique World Energy Council network to generate and share insights, best practices and know-how, and implement the Humanising Energy agenda together with peers across countries and regions.

In this context, WEC Italy (Italian National Committee of the World Energy Council) fosters the international dialogue on Euro MED energy Transition, coordinating the WEC Med cross-regional collaboration initiative, developed in collaboration with OMEC (Organisation Méditerranéenne de l'Energie et du Climat) and WEC General Secretariat, with Vice Chairs of Africa, Europe, the Gulf States and the Middle East, which aims to strengthen regional dialogue and cooperation in the Mediterranean basin.

Inside the 26th World Energy Congress of Rotterdam, WEC Italy and OMEC, with the collaboration of Edison, has organized an official side event to present the results of the first year of work of the Initiative: the WEC Med Energy Transition Checklist, a map of the regional energy agenda which highlights the challenges the Mediterranean + Gulf area is facing in the medium-long term. A shared document developed thanks to the contribution of WEC Mediterranean national Committees and the main stakeholders active in the process, including OMEC, MEDREG, MEDTSO, PAM, industry sector and Universities.

The event, attended by important international guests, has represented a great occasion of dialogue between the Mediterranean and European communities on the energy transition process undergoing in the Area, as well as a further step in the in-depth process on the Euro Mediterranean transition started by WEC Italy and OMEC since 2018.

Watch the recording of the side event

The Initiative awarded at the Congress

The initiative showed all the potential of World Energy Council global network an the power of international dialogue, and for that reason it has been awarded by World Energy Council community at the Congress as WEC project of the year for the “Championing strategic communities”! 

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