From Dubai to Baku via Turin and Rio

Roundtable - Rome, June 17th, 2024

Pubblicato il 10-06-2024

The roundatable

From the Conference of Parties in Dubai to the one in programme in Baku, two cities emblematic of economic development and transformation in the energy sector, passing through the findings of the recent G7 Climate, Energy and Environment in Turin, it appears increasingly crucial to delve into the interconnections between local and global energy policies, as well as outline a shared roadmap for a sustainable and resilient future. By fostering collaborative commitments and coordinated actions we can pave the way for an effective roadmap that steers us towards sustainability and resilience, spanning from Dubai to Baku, via the summit in Turin and the G20 in Rio.

In this framework WEC Italy and Globe Italy continue to promote the debate on the energy transition challenges within their network, organizing a closed-door high-level dialogue which aims to explore concrete and innovative solutions to address the environmental and energy challenges the World faces today.

The roundtable will be held in Rome on 17 June 2024, by invitation only. More info: segreteria@wec-italia.org